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Great news!

Nina Alyssa and Ashley Dewey have teamed up to bring you Mastering Your Deisgn – Mastery by Design HD – Mentorship Program!

Ashley Dewey has 6 + years in the Human Design Industry and Nina Alyssa has over a decade of experience in energetic resonance and entrainment.

Nina is working closely with Ashley to further the creative biofeedback analysis and charting process available for Quantum Acceleration and Human Design – Business Mastery.

In response to these uncertain times, Nina and Ashley have created a safe space for professionals and patients to explore and journey from the comfort of their own homes!

Their goal is to help high-achieving professionals in their industries explore the inner depths of their own biofield matrix, identify what is blocking their field, and clear the field for Energetic Resonance & Entrainment.

* In-Depth Charting
* Assisting Frequency Blends
* Energetic Clearing
* Resonance Entrainment
* World Class Coaching!

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